Best Over The Counter Phentermine Alternatives | Phentabz

Phentabz where to buy Gentech’s Phentabz and its cousins the RX versions and the Teen formulation are all designer 2014 over the counter phentermine alternatives (prescription weight loss medication)

They have been specially formulated with high quality and researched ingredients to provide strong, yet safe and generally side effect free appetite suppression and promote fat lose.

Below we will try and answer some of the more frequently asked questions about this product and how it stacks up and compared to similar products like Phen375 and Phentermine as a top 2014 natural phentermine alternative or substitute for weight and fat lose.

About Ampheta HCL

Gentech’s Ampheta-HCL is the name given for its proprietary formula of ingredients and designed and it includes several substances shown to work simultaneously and together with each other to induce weight loss through a variety of mechanisms. The RX version is available by prescription only, while the Teen version is designed to be safe for the growing teenage body. Ampheta HCL has shown in customer phentabz reviews to be an effective, safe and legal over the counter herbal alternative to Phentermine prescription drugs.


Gentech active and main ingredients are FDA approved and shown to provide effective and moderate to strong fat loss in consumers. The proprietary blend of active ingredients contain several well-known substances in the dietary industry in dosages and combinations unique to this product and its weight loss results.

Some of the known and studied ingredients researched for their various benefits as advertised in this product include Choline CDP, Octopamine HCL, Methyl Synephrine, and 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine. Visit back for a more comprehensive and scientific look at these ingredients and how they work to promote healthy fat loss and appetite suppression.

Side Effects

Side effects with Phentabz pills have been very rare with the vast majority of consumers reporting no negative effects. Of the reviews and reports from users I have read the ones I have noticed include headaches, anxiety, dry mouth, constipation, light headedness and irritability. These are common negative side-effects for stimulants and for people undergoing weight loss and dietary changes. We will keep an eye out for reports or warnings of more adverse ill effects from supplementation with this diet pill.

Results/ Before and After

There are a plethora of user testimonials and before and after pictures talking about the benefits and results of PhenTabz supplementation. They are what you would expect of a mid-to-high range over the counter diet pill, with some users reporting drastic and dramatic before and after fat loss and inches dropped. Every person will react different and it is important to combine this supplement with proper diet, nutrition and physical exercise to maximize results as with any similar supplement.

Customer Reviews

There are several video reviews and customer phentabz reviews floating around the internet and we will do our best to collect the honest and best reports on this website here for those interested. If you have tried this product, please take a moment to leave your own experience and feedback in an unbiased and in-depth way to help our future visitors.

PhenTabz vs Phen375

These two weight loss supplements are both designed for over the counter use. They are supposed to be similar to the prescription medication Phentermine except with less side effects and not quite as strong. As for which one is better, it is difficult to say. Many people swear by each one and there are many others that would say they don’t work at all. My best advice to you is to read the ingredients for both and see which sounds like it would suit you better. Their ingredient lists are completely different aside from caffeine in both. Click here to find out where to find Phen375.

Phentabz RX

Available through a physician, the RX version of this product is intended to be stronger and not available over the counter. If you are in dire need of maximum strength supplementation, this product offers more punch at the expense of needing to visit a qualified physician to acquire it. Most people are recommended to try the OTC version first to assess tolerance and results from the similar yet more widely available product.

Phentabz Teen

As the name implies, this is a slight adjustment to the formula to make it more appropriate to the chemistry and needs of a growing teenage body. It is designed to provide a safer alternative to teenage and younger still growing bodies looking to lose unhealthy weight.

Where To Purchase Online? Amazon & Gentech

Many people have been using our contact form to find out where to buy Phentabz online and in shops. While some other 3rd party sellers have purchased Phentabz in bulk and are offering it for resale in online marketplaces such as amazon, we have found and recommend buying from Gentech directly online (see link below). This ensures the best possible price (no middle men jacking up the fee) the freshest product and best overall customer service and support directly from the maker of the product. We will keep our eyes out for any other online merchants offering deals, discounts and cheaper prices and update the link at the bottom of this page accordingly.

What Stores Selling? CVS, GNC, Walgreens, Walmart?

Another common questions we receive is which stores sell Phentabz in Store and where can you get it locally. There aren’t many offline or local retailers currently carrying this product as it is relatively new and thus has a hard time competing for shelf space amongst the big brand name nutrition manufacturers, but we expect as its popularity and demand steadily increased that you will be able to find Phentabz in CVS, GNC, Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens and other big pharmacies near you.

Today’s Lowest & Cheapest Price & Coupons

Below we will update the currently best priced and trusted retailer of this product. Check back often as we are constantly on the search and being alerted of the latest sales, discounts, coupons and cheaper pricing available and update the link to reflect the absolute cheapest cost below:

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